A proposal for a new kind of living, closer to nature and far from concrete & pollution, surrounded by a community of like-minded, conscious human beings.

A while ago, while camping in our beloved Alps with a couple friends, as it quite often happened in our deep, hour-long conversations, we started speculating on how cool it would be to live a nature-immersed life, not only for couple weekends here and there, but permanently.

Since that weekend, we started to feel this concept was far too important for us to ignore, and after some serendipitous career events, we decided to give it a shot…


Since their first appearance around 7000 BC due to the farming revolution, permanent human settlements have consistently acted as irreplaceable melting pots for human connections. These relations, facilitated by the newly-found, frequent flow of information, increased our chances of survival and enabled the subsequent development of the modern cities we are so familiar with today.

However, beneath this shimmering exterior lies a complex tapestry of growing issues, ranging from growing speculation to pollution and social disparities that are now more evident than ever.

Urban speculation, driven by profit, inflates real estate prices and exacerbates housing shortages. This affects housing affordability and often neglects community needs.

Source: Eurostat

Source: Eurostat

Another indirect effect of urbanization is, unfortunately, environmental pollution, which, despite significant strides in the right direction over the last few years, still remains one of the most significant issues in modern city living.

In the year 2020 alone, air pollution was overall responsible for more than 400.000 premature deaths across the Europe, 7 million total globally every single year.

Source: IQAir, WHO

Source: IQAir, WHO

Another type of pollution that we unfortunately take too much for granted nowadays is noise pollution. Often considered a less conspicuous but equally a significant urban challenge It can actually have a range of detrimental effects including increased stress levels and sleep disturbances that on the long term can lead to elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases